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Export Packing Services

Expert, multi-purpose packaging solutions for commercial or personal shipping and transport

Big Crate

Bespoke wooden packaging for transportation and export of machinery

We provide bespoke wooden packaging solutions of any size, for any purpose. Our experienced team can tailor our durable, reliable crates to fit any item to be shipped or transported securely.

Export Packing Services is a family business and we have over 20 years’ experience of providing expert packaging services for commercial and private shipping solutions, from pieces of art and memorabilia to exhibition crates and sports cars. We’ve built our business on our professional reputation and recommendations from our customers. If you have a commercial or personal need for bespoke shipping packaging, get in touch with us.

Transport with complete peace of mind

Our packaging is designed to keep your items safe and secure during transit, whether you send it by air, sea or road. If you are unsure of what you require, we can visit you and discuss your individual requirements, we can also pack at your premises. We use heat treated timber which meets the standard for ISPM15 which is required to export into many countries around the world.

Our services

Our versatile packaging solutions ensure that we can help with any item that requires securing for transit. The type of packaging used will be determined by the item you need to ship, taking into consideration size and fragility. If you would like to discuss your specific requirements, please get in touch with our team.

Protective Packaging

We use a variety of materials to pack away your valuables securely and safely, including timber crates, shrink wrap and customised palettes. We can protect the likes of furniture, pictures, frames, art, decorative mouldings, and engineering components.

Removal Cases

We manufacture and supply removal cases for homeowners, removal companies, museum displays and much more. If you’re looking for bespoke removal crates to maximise the protection of your items and guarantee an easy packing process, call us on 01603 754331.

Exhibition Crates

We’re fortunate to have had a hand in manufacturing packaging and helping to pack some of the most prestigious UK exhibitions over the years. Our team surpass the highest level of care to ensure these exhibitions can be transported from one location to another safely and in perfect condition.

Bespoke Packaging

As all of our packaging is bespoke, tailored to protect the cargo within, there’s no limit to what we can pack. We’ve previously supplied the packaging required to recover a fossilised mammoth and have created bespoke crates to transport submarine masts. We would love to create bespoke packaging to transport your goods!

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